Dear Readers,

 …Or perhaps I should address this note to “old friends and new,”since if I believe in anything, it is the power of story-telling: The power it has to make and preserve connections. I hope that by looking at this site you will feel your own connection to the tales I tell – the fictional ones and the ones about my own life and the real lives of others.

Inside, please also read about my books, published and planned. I have hopes for each of them and I like to think of all of them as being in motion. Like me.

There will also be samples of my journalism, current and vintage as well as recordings of my new radio show, Maverick Mama, which I am hosting for Autism One.

And..as always.. there will be notes on the escapades of my husband and my two sons - hockey players, all. Even Dan, who at 20 is unable to talk and yet able to say so much.

This is a web site in motion. I hope to change it as events and ideas present themselves, or as new works are published.

Please enter with your own ideas, too!

I'd love to hear from you. 

Barbara Fischkin

Copyright © 2008 Barbara Fischkin
Photography by Christopher Zach